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Anzahl: Stk.


Detail: für Training und Race (14-22 ab März 2019 im Test)

Zusatz Info: Hardboards müssen abgeholt werden. Lieferfrist auf Anfrage

Masse: STABILITY / GLIDE: 100 / 24

Material: Material: Carbon, Airex Foam

Length: 14‘ | 426.7 cm
Width:22‘‘ | 54.60 cm | Weight: 11,5 kg | Volumen: 187 L | Max. Rider Weight: 70 Kg
Width: 24‘‘ | 58.42 cm | Weight: 12,5 kg | Volumen: 204 L | Max. Rider Weight: 80 Kg
Width: 26‘‘ | 62.20 cm | Weight: 12,8 kg | Volumen: 221 L | Max. Rider Weight: 90 Kg
Beach Racing Setup
Ocean comes with a middle carry handle combined with internal grip incuts for beach racing starts. This allows the rider to run whilst holding the board firmly with his paddle during critical beach racing starts.
Leash and Camera Mounts
The board comes with leash plugs forward and aft for your choice and length of leash. It also comes with a gopro mount in the mid nose area to capture all your action.
Ocean is supplied with top quality EVA deck pads, along with our customisable tail kicker, this comes with the board and can be positioned by the rider to suit their personal preference.
Training Storage
The board comes with an elastic and cord system to allow you to stow away clothing and equipment as and when you need it.
Designers Notes
Nose/bow design
When downwind riding a long slender shape with plenty of area for planning is going to allow the board to glide down waves. Often the board picks up speed and can catch up with the waves in front causing the board to nose dive. Ocean has a slight forward V in the nose to soften this effect and also a generous nose rocker to reduce the nose digging in. From ¾ forward there is a large amount of volume spread out wide and low, this promotes the bow to lift in a smooth way if it does become underwater.
The forward part of the board is aerodynamically designed to help in side-wind conditions, this helps the board track forward and reduces the windage turning the board downwind. Which in turn saves you energy.
Engineered to surf
The board runs a single concave, becoming double which provides lift and helps the board get planning on chop and swell for downwind surfing. The double concave flattens out in the tail for stability and surfing ability.
The plan shape is a smooth classic shape with plenty of area forward and aft to further assist with surfing downwind. It also makes the board less sensitive to longitudinal weight changes meaning you can paddle harder.
The board is designed using an ultra-light CNCed EPS core compressed with a heat moulded carbon fibre laminate. This is a unique technique that creates an extremely light and tough construction that can withstand all the action in a racing environment. The boards epoxy to fibre ratio is carefully controlled by our approved factory’s which give the maximum stiffness to weight ratio. The finish is a light weight paint and clear coat finish for smooth water flow.