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Detail: für Training und Race (ab März 2019 im Test)

Zusatz Info: Hardboards müssen abgeholt werden. Lieferfrist auf Anfrage

Masse: STABILITY / GLIDE: 102 / 34

Material: Material: Carbon, Airex Foam

Length: 14‘ | 426.7 cm: Width: 23‘‘ | 58.42 cm | L218, Weight 11 Kg
Beach Racing setup
The board has a middle carry handle combined with internal grip incuts for beach racing starts. This allows the rider to run whilst holding the board firmly with his paddle during critical beach racing starts.
Leash and Camera Mounts
The board comes with leash plugs forward and aft for your choice and length of leash. It also comes with a gopro mount in the mid nose area to capture all your action.
Numinous is supplied with top quality EVA deck pads, along with our customisable tail kicker, this comes with the board and can be positioned by the rider to suit their personal preference.
Training Storage
The board comes with an elastic and cord system to allow you to stow away clothing and equipment as and when you need it.
Designers Notes
Buoy turning:
The tail is slightly raised to give more volume when you step back, and this allows the board to pop out the water again once the turn is complete. The raised tail also stops water coming in from the back and keeps the deck dryer. Another feature is it helps promote catching small bumps and allows Numinous to perform even in choppy conditions.
Drainage Holes:
Drainage holes are positioned with a down and negative aft angle to minimise water coming back in. The deck is slightly raised in the middle to promote water to the drainage holes.
The board is designed using an ultra-light CNCed EPS core compressed with a heat moulded carbon fibre laminate. This is a unique technique that creates an extremely light and tough construction that can withstand all the action in a racing environment. The boards epoxy to fibre ratio is carefully controlled by our approved factory’s which give the maximum stiffness to weight ratio. The finish is a light weight paint and clear coat finish for smooth water flow.
Fin Design
The board comes with a Honey comb fibreglass fin, that is optimised for forward tacking and low drag. The fin box is US 10 inch box that allows the rider to customise there setup depending on their riding style.
Comparison and Hydrostatics
Applying Naval Architecture principles the stability of the boards can be analysed and simply compared.Using a unique stability number, you can work out what size boards are right for you and use this across all our new boards coming out.Our stability number is a formula that considers all aspects of stability, including the deck position, centre of gravity, volume distribution, width, and weight.
The board has a been carefully designed to lower the deck area close to the water line, this lowers the riders centre of gravity, therefore creating a more stable board and conserving your energy. We have included plenty of volume in the nose and tail, this helps keep the boards nose above the water and be able to keep its speed in chop. It also allows the rider to paddle harder as the board is not sensitive to longitudinal weight changes.
Forward Tracking:
Carefully aligned central channels, combined with a sharp bow help to keep the board in a straight direction, ultimately saving you energy and speed.
The shaping utilises the latest in 3D design technology, using subdivision surface modelling, a technique more commonly used in the automotive design industry.
The boards hydrodynamic features have been optimised using advanced hydrostatic computer programs alongside rider input. The underwater surface and shape is designed to reduce drag and add stability.
1. Skin Friction, the boards wetted surface area is at a minimum with its displacement shaped bow and forward areas.
2. Wave Drag, by carefully optimising the volume and rocker line distribution in the board this reduces large changes in the natural pressure field created when the board is travelling through the water and therefore reduces the natural wave drag component.
3. Form Drag, we have added deep central channels in the board to create stability when the rider becomes unbalanced and tips the board by accident. This means that the board can be ridden at a smaller width than they would normally use and therefore reduces the form shape pushing through the water.